The Nation does want to know Mr.Arnab

  1. Plain vanilla is boring — Plain vanilla has no place. Opinion is the future. I cannot sit in a studio and tell you what happened. You know what happened. You can see it on your phones. Plain vanilla journalism is overdone, overused and boring. Opinion is the future of journalism. It is opinionated media that has the potential to be activist, that is a change agent to merely being a supplier of information.
  2. The existing media is compromised- When young Mr Srinivas Kuchibotla was shot dead in Kansas by an attacker who shouted “Get out of my country”, the compromised media was content with labeling it as ‘hate crime’. There was no condemnation from the White House until a week later. The Indian media however was satisfied with covering other flashy issues.
  3. Shift in the language of consumption- The focus is on English, English done the Indian way. The penetration of English in India is growing rapidly and will continue to grow.
  4. Independent Media is the way forward- Technology will be the single biggest democratic enabler of the 21st century. Independent content publishers will script the journey and prove a point that Independent media is not answerable to anyone or anything.
The home page of TOI, India’s most subscribed English daily — Obviously Zareen Khan’s ‘hottest best’ pics are Priority Uno

Is RepublicTV really independent media?

TYT hires a journalist for every $ 500,000 raised on their crowdfunding site
Not a news article, an ad for Honeywell Air Purifier



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