The bitcoin cash decree

Acknowledging the reality

The time is NOW

Bitcoin Cash is on the verge of scaling. The world is stuck in the bs that blockchains don’t scale. Explaining to them that Satoshi had solved scaling ages ago in v0.1 hasn’t worked and there is no hope that explaining this with words is going to accomplish anything. Finally, miners with balls of steel have arrived onto the scene and they are going to ensure that other miners shed the skin of complacency. As we scale, we will also put to end the bs that bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work consumes more power than some Scandinavian country. At scale, bitcoin is incredibly efficient and will be more efficient than any existing financial infrastructure. We are going to scale at all costs and I will be proud to point all my investment and my blood and sweat at the Bitcoin SV pool. THE TIME IS NOW. By the end of next year, Bitcoin should be unbounded and locked in.

Regulating Bitcoin

The truth is that Bitcoin fits into all the existing laws. Bitcoin doesn’t help criminals but makes it easier to catch criminals. I understand that a lot of laws might be restrictive, but laws are a function of society. And laws change when people want different laws. With bitcoin cash, we have an opportunity to move away from the smear of illegality. This time, we can change the narrative to how we strive to improve transparency.

Bitcoin Cash is the best business friendly money and we are now open for business



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