The bitcoin cash decree

Peace can never be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding

“A deflationary currency is not bad” I argued for the nth time while defending my newfound fascination- bitcoin. I was trying to convince some friends why Bitcoin was going to become the currency of the future. “Don’t you see, the government can print as much currency as it wants”. My friend looked at me with the expression of dealing with a whiny adolescent-“Come on, you are honestly telling me you understand more than our reserve bank governor”

“YES” I yelled, ‘printing inflates the currency and affects the poor and the downtrodden the most.’

He looked back- “Come on dude, you did an MBA in finance. You know how money works. The central bank has to print more money to match the growth of the economy.” I didn’t have an answer.

So I went back and read. I read Sowell and understood that whatever was taught to me was limited to one stream of economics called Keynesian economics. I read about Austrian and libertarian economics. I read about antitrust laws and how monopolies exist only because of state enforcement. I read about politics and how people are pit against each other by dividing them into the left and right. I read about the creation of the federal reserve and introduction of income tax. I read about false flag attacks and advanced war weapons. I saw the manipulation in the mainstream media and understood that history is rewritten to benefit the narrative. I realized state education can snatch away the intelligence of entire generations and design them into beings absent of critical thought.

As I gasped at what I read, I immediately set out to tell everyone what I discovered. Every friend I met, every stranger I met, every conversation I tried to explain to people what was happening. If only everyone discovered what I discovered, I thought, they can see the truth for what it is.

I am terribly angry, believe you me. Terribly angry at what is happening to us. At what we are told is justice, at what we are told is the best way for us. I want to tear this system down and expose it for the sham that it is. I want to take the actors that are our politicians and make them face a firing squad for the crimes they commited.

But, the more I talked to people and the more I tried to explain, the clearer I saw the folly of my beliefs and the reality that I face. I cannot change the world around me with words. I have to adapt to face the world I see. I have to acknowledge the truth of the world. Even if I call everyone around me sheeple, I need the sheeple. The sheeple might be blind, but they are not blind to what assists them. They will use something that improves their daily lives. They will use something that they see as more convenient. Uber might have been illegal under previous laws, but when people saw that Uber improved their life, the laws changed. And today, people don’t think bitcoin improves their lives. That’s the real reason why we are stuck with crypto adoption and no amount of ‘decentralized apps’ is going to solve that.

This anarchist fantasy that we have going on in the crypto-sphere, that’s not how this revolution will happen. The revolution will not happen through people buying drugs through Tor and paying with Monero. It will happen when people pay with Bitcoin when they buy a book on Amazon. It will happen when corporations pay each other in bitcoin and write the terms of the the contract into the transaction. It will happen only when people want to use Bitcoin more than they want to use fiat. Trust me, explaining to them that the government can print an unlimited amount of currency isn’t going to do jack shit. Anyone who’s promoting Bitcoin as an anarchist tool, as a means of not paying taxes, etc. is doing a great disservice to bitcoin.

This is what the world really thinks of bitcoin. Bitcoin already has the tainted mark of Silk Road on it. The mainstream media hasn’t let go of this scar and they will likely never let go. At every turn where we demonstrate the usefulness of Bitcoin, they will only rub salt into this scar. We have to counter it by all means. By everything necessary. Whoever thinks that Satoshi intended for Bitcoin to be a currency that took money and commerce out of government’s hands into a parallel economy is completely wrong. Satoshi created Bitcoin as a transparent ledger, and in that we understand his design was intended for a currency that increases transparency. The only way the world is going to adopt Bitcoin is if Bitcoin achieves legal status. Not legal tender but a legal currency in the eyes of the law. Bitcoin has to be used as a cash. The world is not going to rebel against their governments and adopt anonymous currencies.

Bitcoin Cash is on the verge of scaling. The world is stuck in the bs that blockchains don’t scale. Explaining to them that Satoshi had solved scaling ages ago in v0.1 hasn’t worked and there is no hope that explaining this with words is going to accomplish anything. Finally, miners with balls of steel have arrived onto the scene and they are going to ensure that other miners shed the skin of complacency. As we scale, we will also put to end the bs that bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work consumes more power than some Scandinavian country. At scale, bitcoin is incredibly efficient and will be more efficient than any existing financial infrastructure. We are going to scale at all costs and I will be proud to point all my investment and my blood and sweat at the Bitcoin SV pool. THE TIME IS NOW. By the end of next year, Bitcoin should be unbounded and locked in.

Rarely in history do we face such a choice that can change all of humanity. If we do not scale today, we might never have a chance as fiat systems get better. The real enemy is the dollar, and every day we waste is a day that the dollar becomes more efficient, cheaper and easier to use. Four years back, bitcoin might have been the easier to use than any fiat currency. But Square and Apple Pay haven’t wasted their time debating poison block attacks and getting a hard on for ‘decentralization’. And don’t give me the bs that Bitcoin will always win whether it is now or later. People love trouble free solutions. Ease of use. The world might look pitifully at China and complain that China is being stripped of its human rights. However, the truth is that Chinese are happy using the heavily censored WeChat and they don’t feel oppressed.

Wechat lets them pay at every store in seconds, and lets them do things better than bitcoin will be able to do anytime soon. In the next 10 years, either we end up using FED coin or Bitcoin. Once the world gets hooked to FED coin, it will be impossible to sell them the benefits of bitcoin.

We might have different political reasons to support bitcoin and we all might believe that bitcoin enables our particular vision. The truth is bitcoin was created for one and one thing- hard money that cannot be debased.We must put all our differences aside and look to this as our mission. This doesn’t mean we are diluting away our ideals. This means that we acknowledge that all goals have to be achieved in steps. And the first step is 5 billion people using bitcoin.

The effects of a global currency that cannot be debased will be profound and will definitely assist everyone in their mission to helping achieve peace and happiness. But to achieve the first step, we must understand that we need to change ourselves. We must be ready to get bitcoin adopted at all costs- even if it means attaching a KYC Id to our bitcoin transactions. If that’s the best way to get bitcoin legally recognized, that’s what we will do.

The truth is that Bitcoin fits into all the existing laws. Bitcoin doesn’t help criminals but makes it easier to catch criminals. I understand that a lot of laws might be restrictive, but laws are a function of society. And laws change when people want different laws. With bitcoin cash, we have an opportunity to move away from the smear of illegality. This time, we can change the narrative to how we strive to improve transparency.

We are not anarchists, we are not anarcho-capitalists, we are not crypto-anarchists, we are not cypherpunks. We are law abiding citizens. We pay taxes. We embrace patents. We are not the minority. We are the majority. And we have something that improves people’s lives because its more useful. Not because of a visionary understanding of the future. But, because this is the best system to enable what people want. And to enable what governments want. We are the most friendly currency for government needs whether the needs be draconian or socialistic.

Tracking criminals- this is the best currency to enable that. Universal basic income- shit easy to do - just give each beneficiary an address and transfer money without any middleman. Untampered voting-here you go. 401k- most transparent way to track and disburse pension.

We have to fight for Bitcoin to be recognized as a legal currency by governments. We have to discourage illegal attempts of using bitcoin by demonstrating that bitcoin is the easiest way to get caught. We have to discourage ICOs that do not adhere to security regulations as they are bound to be stopped at some point of time. If adding KYC to addresses gives government confidence, we should develop tools for financial institutions to map addresses. These measures augment what Bitcoin can enable and help it go beyond the anarchist circle-jerking. Bitcoin fits itself smoothly into all the existing regulations such as money exchange laws, foreign transmitter laws, securities laws and anyone attempting to break these laws will soon understand that they are in for a world of pain.



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