In the Entertainment Value Curve, Ravi Mehta gives a framework that best explains Product Market Fit in the Consumer video streaming space. I modified the framework but the essential thesis remains the same-

Successful mobile video apps aren’t just viewing experiences, they are social experiences.

Entertainment Value = Production Value + Social Value

X-Axis = Production Value =…

Cause consumers don’t give a shit

The face of users when told about the magic of bitcoin

Out of the many uses of Bitcoin, I have not found one that consumers care about.

It’s uncensorable money- So it’s used for buying drugs?

But your fiat money is being inflated- What is inflation?

Umm, companies are stealing your personal data- What is…

The thing that you are running after

What is Money?

Money is all about power -CSW

Money is a function of our time. It is our time on earth, our sweat and a record of our efforts. Money is a call option on all of society at that point of…

Girardian theory of Imitation

I first read Girard after hearing about him from Peter Thiel. I should admit that I haven’t read any of Girard’s books completely but Mimetic theory made a lot of sense to me. Mimetic theory proposes that most human desires are imitative in nature. We…

There was a period where I was convinced that crypto was the right solution. Getting introduced to libertarian viewpoints, I saw that reining over things to the free market was more beneficial whether it be healthcare or essential food grains. …

In a few hours Craig Wright will be taking the stand, and most likely he will have to testify under oath that he is Satoshi. The biggest myth of this generation is going to crack open and the world will likely not be the same anymore.

It’s almost two…

I am deeply attracted to mythology and once I read about the history of BitCoin, its creator Satoshi Nakomoto became one of my most revered myth.

Mythology has an element of wonder and the promise of esoteric knowledge that draws people to it. The mystery of Satoshi, akin to every…

Peace can never be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding

“A deflationary currency is not bad” I argued for the nth time while defending my newfound fascination- bitcoin. I was trying to convince some friends why Bitcoin was going to become the currency of the future…


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